Lord of the Hats: Yarn to Test Knit the Dunland Shieldman Hat

The current poll is awfully close now between Gold and White in the lead! Both would make a lovely looking crown on the Dunland Shieldman hat, wouldn’t they? It’s a good thing, then, that both colors are available in this yarn  I found at JoAnn’s yesterday: Vanna’s Glamour:

Vanna's Glamour

Gold was in the lead when I went shopping so I just picked that one up, plus the dark grey to try out for the cowl, but there is also a white version of this. It doesn’t show up great in photos, but these yarns have metallic thread spun in with them so that they glitter! Thus we would end up with a metallic-looking cowl and crown, which seems fitting for the Dunland Shieldman hat.

As promising as Vanna’s Glamour is, though, I did pick up a few other yarns to test knit patterns for the grey cowl:


It will be interesting to see what stitch patterns I can find to recreate the mail look of this helmet!

Dunland Shieldman

I checked out a book of cable stitch patterns too, to see what I can do for the crown part of the helmet. Now I just have to finish those horns and clover on the Spring-Flinger Cap so I can get started swatching for this one!

2 Responses to Lord of the Hats: Yarn to Test Knit the Dunland Shieldman Hat

  1. I know I voted for white, but that gold is really beautiful!

  2. Looking good! That gold is very pretty.

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