Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns On!

Horned Hat

Horned Hat

Finally, finally done with the horns! The polls were very clear that I must not omit them, but I was about to make an executive decision to ignore the polls if I had to knit those things one more time…Not entirely due to the very legitimate necessity of reknitting them when a plan didn’t work out the first time and I had to adjust where to put the decreases, or when to change color, or how many plain rows should go between decrease rows…yes, I had to reknit at least once for each of those miscalculations. The really sad part was when I had to redo my final reknit of horn #2 (which should have been a simple matter of copying the pattern as I’d worked it out for the other horn) because I forgot to change needle sizes when my own pattern said to and knit the majority of the horn on needles two sizes too small.

Ah, that feels better. Knitting confession is good for the soul.

So now that I am done being an idiot in attempting to follow my own pattern (ha, not likely), here is how the horns turned out!

Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns on
Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns on
Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns on
Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns on
Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns on
Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns on

Oh – and I believe the clover petals are now done blocking so I can join them together with an i-cord stem, attach them to the hat, and be done!

Spring-Flinger Clover

18 Responses to Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap with Horns On!

  1. Squee! I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this endeavor getting started but it looks wonderful!

  2. Yay!! It looks AWESOME! I know how much work it is to design (and RE-design) a pattern, and you have a pattern worth making, even if you don’t know anything about LOTRO :D

  3. Wow! That is epic! And cool!

    (and completely not the sort of thing I’d ever wear in public, but we’ll ignore that part :)

    Now you need to go to a convention.

  4. Extremely well done! I think I must make one now for my brother who has it on his Dwarf RK MeShockyShocky.

  5. It’s sooo cute! And it will be even cuter with the shamrock. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. Awww… cute! I wish I knew how to knit.

  7. That’s so cute! Very well done.
    I’m anxious to see the hat of the Concerned Elf. I think that one is going to be gorgeous too.

  8. Omigosh! You did such a good job! So cute!

  9. You did it! This is absolutely fabulous! Very well done and kudos on your persistence with the horns.

  10. That hat is awesome. You did a really good job and are much more creative than I am. Congratulations and keep up the amazing knitting.

  11. Awesome job! Looks just like the hat in the game! I wish I knew how to knit to make one myself.

  12. Wow, this is brilliant! I think it actually looks better than it does in game. :D

    I’m so impressed at your knitting expertise (I don’t get any further than a scarf). ^^

  13. Most impressive! I know just enough about knitting to have my socks blown off! To take a pixel hat and turn in into a real hat is an amazing thing. Well done! I think I would have lost my mind on those horns, it looks complicated!

    Wouldn’t it be neat if Linet could earn a knitting emote?

  14. That is sooo freakin awesome!!

  15. It looks even better than I imagined!!

  16. Perfect work! You should open an online knitting course (of course Lotro related) for us, noob knitters. I admired your work :)

  17. I love it! I want to learn how to knit just to make this hat, it’s so cute!

  18. Fantastic! Knitting and sewing and so on are like magic to me… I have absolutely no idea how it works, but you’re obviously very talented. Can’t wait to see it with the clover leaf on! :)

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