Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap: The Border

I thought knitting the white border of this hat would be pretty simple, but it ended up being the only knitting I got done on the hat yesterday (having been unable to work on it for the previous few days, what with Weatherstock and Ales and Tales keeping me busy…). Not because it takes so long to knit a little white edging around the borders of the hat, but because I couldn’t get it to turn out how I wanted and kept having to reknit! I first thought I’d try an i-cord edging, in attempt to give it that fluffy, rounded look that the original has. Well, that just wasn’t working out so I ripped it out pretty soon and tried my next idea: a folded hem. I thought also about doing a plain ribbing but the border in the screenshots just doesn’t really look like ribbing to me. And I’m very fond of knitted hems as a neat, tailored finishing detail.

The problem was getting this particular hem to lay flat. First I picked up stitches all around the hat’s edge, knit five rows, then knit a purl row to turn. I knit 5 rows more for the inside of the hem then sewed the live stitches down on the inside. But the bulk of stitches on the inside was enough to give the hem an outward-facing curve, to the point that I couldn’t keep the border from flipping itself totally inside out. Which was weird looking even for this weird hat. So, I slowly and laboriously undid all 149 stitches of that seam, putting the knit stitches back on the needle as I went, and then I tinked (un-knit, that is; knitting backward – undoing one stitch at a time) that whole last row and sewed down the live stitches again, this time with one less row to bulk up the inside of that hem.

Well, it *still* wanted to fold outwards! But I was not eager to undo the whole row of seaming yet again. So I decided to give blocking a try:

It’s well-behaved now!

I soaked a hand towel in warm water and laid it down over the border once I’d pinned it in place as you see in the picture, and let it sit overnight like that. This morning it’s looking much better behaved, but I’ll wait till it finishes drying to remove the pins and try it on. I really hope the blocking does the trick – I still don’t want to rip out that seam yet again!

Once the blocking is done, I can see about adding the horns, since the poll emphatically tells me I must! :-) I might see what I can do about the clover patch, too, while the hat is still drying…

2 Responses to Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap: The Border

  1. looking *awesome*!!

  2. That is going to be an Epic Hat! And as for the poll . . . I wouldn’t *wear* it with the horns, but it definitely needs them!

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