Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap, lower back

I finished knitting the back flap today. On size 7 needles, this bit of colorwork came out to about 12″ wide and 3.5″ tall – just about right on the width but a little shorter than intended. I could maybe add some rows to the colorwork chart, but I will be adding height with the orange stripe that comes next as well as the furry looking trim added at the end, so I think I’ll leave it at this.

SFC - lower back

SFC - lower back

I made a few minor changes to the chart as I was knitting, where I noticed places that didn’t quite fit with the standardized width of the stripes elsewhere. I like how it turned out! I do wonder, for the top sections of this maze pattern, how closely they’ll follow this design or how much I’ll need to adjust it. Those sections will need to be taller, I’m sure. They’re hard to see in the screenshots, too, what with the horns covering part of the design and the angle of one’s head making the pattern all distorted over the curves. Well, if I can’t get a thorough look at the design in game, I can just adapt what I have here to fit the space I need it to cover!

Gauge of this piece, not yet blocked: 4″ = 21 st; 2″ = 12 rows.

2 Responses to Lord of the Hats: Spring-Flinger Cap, lower back

  1. This is going to be an Epic Hat. Looking forward to more pictures!

  2. This pattern looks amazing. I’m very impressed by everything you’ve created (I knit patterns myself sometimes, and don’t think it’s easy at all). Keep rocking!

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