Lord of the Hats: Dunland Shieldman Spectrum

Since I’m nearly finished with my first LOTRO hat project (just the horns and clover patch to go!), let’s take a look ahead to the next hat on the list: The Hat of the Dunland Shieldman.

Dunland Shieldman

The hat in the collage above was dyed Navy. This time, I’m going to put up the “Which color?” poll BEFORE I order yarn to make the hat, so here is how it looks in every other color!

Choose a color!

As you can see, the dark grey color of the cowl is common to all dyed versions of the hat, but the corona changes color and dyes very beautifully. Which color shall I knit it in?

Which color should I knit the band on the Dunland Shieldman's hat? (Select up to 3)

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13 Responses to Lord of the Hats: Dunland Shieldman Spectrum

  1. Cool!

    Oh, and if that’s a picture from the dressing room, how did you change the background?

  2. I chose the white, rose and sea blue because I think it looks best with some contrast in value from the charcoal gray mail. And I think the lighter colors of yarn will better highlight the stitches needed to create the pattern :)

  3. White, Rivendell Green and Umber for me.

    How do you knit so fast! I must be all thumbs and big toes in comparison. I can’t be too hard on myself though since I taught myself with a book and YouTube and have only been knitting about a year, but still… I am in awe of your skill.

    • I’ve been knitting since…hm…actually I can’t remember when I first learned (also from a book!) but I picked it up in earnest in college, a dozen years or so ago. I learned to knit Continental style in college and that sped things up a lot.

  4. I wish I could figure the Continental style out too and I can knit that way but purling… ugh… can’t get my fingers to work with me on it.

    BTW, did you know that when you put this hat on a Dwarf that their beards disappear?

  5. picked up gold, ranger green and forest green.

    And totally amazed by your creations!
    Wonder what something like the *fine elven circlet* would look like (but not a hat so lets forget my silly idea)

  6. Count me in the “totally awestruck by what you can do” group. I love to sew, but just thinking about knitting makes my head spin. I am watching your projects with great interest! Any chance you’ll start making these to order? ;)

    • I have thought about it! I may end up selling the test-knit hats on Etsy (save for any that I like enough to actually keep and wear…) and could take orders for specific colorways there, too.

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